Top 10 Must Have Fashion Items for Spring

We all love flicking through the magazines to see what fashions are on trend for the season – well I sure do anyway! Wouldn’t we all love to completely revamp our wardrobe each new season so we could have all the current trends and feel really up to date in our style?

Unfortunately, for most of us who aren’t super rich, this just isn’t a possibility. Instead, we have to make do with having our basic wardrobe and trying to update it with key items to keep us in the fashion loop.

But this can cause a bit of confusion, what do we buy? What are the key fashion items for Spring/Summer 2010 that will keep us looking ‘on trend’?

Here are my top tips of what I think are the top 10 items you should be investing in this season to keep you looking like you‘ve just stepped off the catwalk……

1. Floral Dress – busy floral prints are everywhere this season, and you wont see it more often than on a pretty summer dress. There are so many styles and designs to choose from you can really find one to suit you. Wear it over leggings while its still cold!

2. Denim Shirt – the fashion world has gone denim crazy and although it may seem ‘so ten years ago’, the denim shirt is definitely back! If you’ve still got it, dig your old one out of your wardrobe, if not, invest in a new one. Wear it over your floral dress, or even with jeans if you dear take on the ‘double denim’ trend.

3. Nude Shoes – nude is definitely a colour to be seen in this season and a fantastic way to wear it is on your feet! Go for high heels and the nude colour will blend into your legs, making them look super long and sexy.

4. Military Jacket – the military look from Autumn/Winter is here to stay and a very easy and safe way to take on this trend is to get a military style jacket. There are so many to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice. A lightweight jacket will take you right through the summer.

5. Chunky Tribal Jewellery – the Tribal/Aztec look is hot this season but it can be quite difficult to wear. So go for some tribal jewelry that you can wear with plain tops to make them more interesting.   Go for bright tribal colours on chunky necklaces and bangles.                 

6. Playsuits/Jumpsuits – this time the key is to wear a playsuit that is shorts rather than trousers. It’s a key look for spring summer and even though the thought of a playsuit maybe quite scary, there are so many to flatter all figure types – they aren’t all skin tight hotpants!

7. Animal Print Scarf – not all of us want to wear full on animal print, for those of you who can – you go girl! But for those who don’t fancy it, try going for an animal print scarf, it gives you the look from the catwalk, without being too in your face.

8. Leggings – if you haven’t got a pair of leggings by now, then where have you been??!! Leggings came back with a vengence last year and are not going anywhere this season. If you haven’t got any yet, bite the bullet and go for some black ones to wear under long tops. If you already own a pair (or five) then try something new – printed patterns are big this season so go for something bold.

9. Track Pants/Hoody – move over Chavs, Sport Luxe is in! The key to getting from ‘cosily slouching around the house in a tracksuit’, to ‘sport luxe catwalk chic’ is the way you wear it. Try a pair of track pants, they need to have elastic at the bottom, wear them low on the hips and with some killer heels. Or try an oversized hoody – but keep the rest of you looking super glam.

10. Lace/Underwear as Outerwear – lace has been a key trend for autumn/winter and will carry on through spring/summer so try a dress or a top with lace on. The trend though is now moving into underwear as outerwear – try a corset with some jeans and a jacket. Buy something new, or if you have something pretty in your underwear drawer dig it out and tell everyone you bought it from a fancy boutique!

So those are my top ten must have fashion items for this season. I hope I’ve helped!

Do you agree with my choices or do you think I’ve missed anything out? Is there anything you will or won’t be buying?

14th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mark 21 March 2010

Women look great in leggings, they should all definately have some!