Top satnav’s to help you find your way home again

There is absolutely nothing worse than being lost and it’s even worse if you’re supposed to be somewhere and end up being late and stressed because you’ve been driving around in the middle of nowhere for a good hour!

I love my satnav and I am exceedingly thankful to whoever invented the wonderful satnav to help those people, like me, who have no sense of direction and even those that do can sometimes get a little lost.

The problem is there are so many models and makes all over the shop it makes it hard to choose one that’s best for you. Here are a few models from out top sellers list to give you some ideas and take a look at what you want from your satnav.

Navman satellite navigation system F35

This is a nifty little satnav that is at the cheaper end of the scale. This is perfect for those people who want to get from A to B and will notify you of upcoming speed cameras, handy when you haven’t been somewhere before and are unsure of the speed limit. The Navman also includes a local directory and can find you the closest chemist or shop and find local services such as supermarkets and even pinpoint major landmarks. The satnav has a 3.5” screen and an easy to use menu. All in all a perfect little package for those who want a simple satnav to get them to their destination!

Tom Tom ONE V5 GB

Tom Tom is easily one of the most recognised names in the satnav business and this model is one of’s best selling models. As with most Tom Tom’s this model comes with preloaded maps that are updated monthly, keeping you up to date with any changes on the roads so you won’t ever be caught out by a change in speed limit or take a slower route. There’s also the indispensible ‘Help Me’ menu which will help you out of all kinds of sticky situations. You can also choose to avoid parts of the route, so you can avoid traffic jams, and also has a handy ‘Find me’ button which will store your destination, very handy if you find somewhere you want to come again, but you have no idea how you got there.

Garmin Euro satellite navigation system 1340

The Nuvi 1340 is loaded with Western Europe maps and will warn you of the locations of fixed and mobile safety cameras all over Europe, including the UK and Ireland. This widescreen satnav also has a rather nifty Lane Assist feature which gives you direction for upcoming junctions, so you know you’re in the right lane. There’s also an ecoRoute feature for any of you eco-conscious folk which will help you to calculate the most fuel efficient route. The auto re-route function will help you avoid sitting in those traffic jams for hours. This model also has a really handy feature which lets you take the satnav on foot to your destination, so if you have to park somewhere else but still need assistance finding the right place then this is the satnav for you.

23rd March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren