Wii Fit Balance Board and Wii Fit Games

Taking a look at the bestsellers in the technology department, there’s one thing that is always in the top 10 products; the Wii Fit balance board and game, so we’ve been wondering – what’s the fuss all about?

Well the balance board is a bit like a step that you could use in a step class and basically you use it (along with the Wii controller) for a variety of games and exercises by following the Wii fit and Wii fit plus games that play on your TV. So far, doesn’t sound that fun right?

Well we’re more than happy to be proved wrong, and this is exactly what the Wii fit package does. Yes, it’s exercise essentially but you tend to be having so much fun that you don’t realise that you’re actually working hard.

The game has several sub-sections including yoga, balance, muscle workouts and aerobic exercise and on the Wii fit plus game you can also set up regimes to target areas.

There are some great fun activities to choose from such as boxing, jogging, skiing, snowball throwing and our personal favourite the hula hoop, where you have to hula away while keeping up more and more hula hoops that are thrown to you while you hula. Great fun but also brilliant for toning your body as well. One note though – shut the curtains before you do it as your neighbours may well think you’ve gone a little cuckoo with all the flailing arms and jumping about you’ll be doing.

There’s a good range of yoga activities, and the balance board will track your weight and balance, as well as some good muscle toning regimes which will see you on and off the board, both standing, sitting, squatting and even half on- half off the board. The balance games take a lot of practice and see you walking tightropes, skiing and floating your Mii character down a river inside a giant bubble.

All good fun, but on a more serious note this game is excellent for body toning and keeping fit. For the more serious exercisers there are more traditional exercises such as jogging and step class and the fat burning boxing. But this is actually a great way of getting the whole family to exercise without them thinking that they are working hard.

The Wii Fit Plus game includes some more modern games such as skateboarding, juggling and even marching (while playing drums!) so there really is something here for all the family members.

So, after taking a look at the Wii fit package we can certainly see why this is one of the bestselling products at Very.co.uk as it’s really good fun for all the family that you can fit it in whenever you have time, and as an extra bonus this is one video game that is definitely good for you and if you use it regularly then it can even be part of your exercise regime.

10th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

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