Yumi Mummy- A fashion look for Mums and Daughters

When my daughter used to search for clothes in the Very book she used to comment that some of the clothing was a bit too young looking for her age – as, although she’s quite small for her age, she is at the stage where she wants to look grown up but not too over the top.

She’s very hard to please so even I was surprised when she commented how lovely these  dresses by Yumi are  and as a fan of their women’s dresses it was nice that for once we both agree!

Yumi Mummy

A great fan of Yumi’s distinct style, I think they have created some great pieces for mums and daughters to wear without looking ridiculous when going out together.

I saw a show recently where it said there is a new craze for mums to be in competition with their teenage daughters, they were wanting to look more beautiful and just as sexy – even to the point of stealing their boyfriends!

What’s that all about?!!

I’m still of the opinion where I think mothers should set a good example in all areas, fashion being no exception.

The Yumi trend for floral is very flattering and most children love to see their mums dressed up in pretty frocks too. Not over the top I think they have got it just right, stylish enough to appeal to younger mums but still flattering enough for those of us with older daughters to carry off without looking “Mutton”.

Yumi Princess

I particularly love the versatility of these dresses, easy to wear in winter with boots or with sandals in summer- creating a new instant look.

They also look great dressed down with a denim jacket, again right on trend for this year!

You will find a great range of children’s footwear to choose from in Verys new Spring/Summer range and I think even the most tomboyish of girls may be tempted by the Yumi collection for Girls.

29th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

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Posted by: Yumi Clothing 8 April 2010

Hi there! Thanks so much for writing this blog piece about our clothes, glad you like them so much! Coincidentally, we’ve been working on a trend piece all about this ‘Mini-Mummy’ trend, and how our Yumi and Yumi Girl ranges work great together on mums and daughters. Please get in touch and I can send you a trend graphic for this. Thanks, Rachel at Yumi Clothing x

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