3D fun in your own home?

I’ve got a bit of a secret love for 3D films. I know many of them are marketed at kids but to be honest they’re usually really good, kids film or not, so if I’ve ever got the opportunity to see one then I will. Under the guise of ‘taking the kids’ you understand.

I think the whole 3D revolution is an interesting way to get people back into cinemas and they add a little bit of a shock element with the images literally seeming to jump out at you.

For example in the 3D film G-Force, which is all about super intelligent guinea pig spies, one of the guinea pigs is unwittingly caught in a cage with glass walls, with a snake… the snake jumps out into the screen to try and eat the guinea pig (cue gasps and squeals from the audience). Luckily of course, there was a glass wall in the way, so the snake just ends up a bit squished! Anyway, the 3D element certainly adds a certain something to a film and draws you entirely into the film world.

It’s always a bit disappointing then when the film is released on DVD but it’s only in 2D. I wouldn’t even mind donning the dreaded super-geeky 3D glasses in the privacy of my own home if it meant I could watch the films. But luckily, it was only a matter of time before technology caught up with the 3D trend and now you can buy a 3D ready TV here at Very.co.uk, and you don’t even need the glasses!

Ok, it’s a little pricey but well worth investing in if you have the money, after all this is the technology of the future. But, for the rest of us who can’t quite afford it don’t fret, this is great news as now the technology has been produced, we’ll likely see more and more models introduced which will stir up some competition in the market, and hopefully bring the prices down.

So hopefully all you 3D fans, like me, will soon we watching some brilliant 3D movies in the comfort of our own homes.

27th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren