Are you coming out to play?

Playsuits, catsuits, jumpsuits. I instantly think of a little girl playing in a sandpit, a PVC clad dominatrix and an 80’s disco. None of which are a good look for the average 30 something female (I’m sorry, I know the fashions of the 80’s are fashionable again but as far as I’m concerned they just shouldn’t be).

I’m surprised to see the all-in-one making a come back. Even our own V-Blog poll predicts the playsuit as this seasons big trend.

On the pages of fashion magazines the models look fabulous in perfectly accessorised playsuits and elegant catsuits. But that is model world, the world of unrealistic perfection. Does this latest trend really translate to the real world?

I have no doubt that the all-in-one is a trend that men just won’t get, like hareem pants, gladiator sandals and bubble hems (not that that ever stops us from wearing them) but I also feel that they will be a marmite trend among women too.

So how does the average female find a place for an all-in-one in her wardrobe if she is so inclined?

I have no doubt that they are comfortable and easy to wear – until it comes to powdering your nose when they will require almost undressing entirely (who can forget dungarees worn as a child – especially when Mother insisted you wear a jumper OVER the top).

But where there is a trend there is a way…

The 1950’s feel of this Liquorish spot playsuit conjures up images of summer fates, bowling greens and afternoon tea. Would it look as cute in the aisle of a supermarket on a wet Tuesday afternoon in June? I think not. That said the wrong outfit for the wrong occasion will always look odd.

I have to confess to being a little tempted by this South jumpsuit despite the hareem pants (another trend I thought would never been seen again). I can see this worn casually with glads and an arm full of bangles or in the evening dressed up with jewelled sandals and a statement necklace.

This military inspired playsuit from Clockhouse is cute but perhaps a little too reminicent of the dungarees of my childhood. I’m 34, my dungaree days are behind me and I can’t help but feel this item should be left to the twenty somethings of this world.

For me anything satin, sparkly or bright is just not for me. You have to be able to wear it and, more importantly, wear it with confidence. So, this floral playsuit is my No. 1 choice. With its soft shorts it almost looks like a dress and its round neck means that even with legs on show you’re not showing too much. I will try it at least and may even come out to play…

Would you?

4th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

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