Baby blankets galore!

When I asked my sister about all the gifts she received when she gave birth to my niece, I was quite surprised by the fact she said that the ones that were best received were baby blankets.

It may sound like a ridiculous thing to say but babies sleep an awful lot, so whether they’re in their cots or in a Moses basket or just taking a small nap on their playmats, they always need a blanket. That’s the indoor ones of course, let’s not forget that you also need one for going out in the pram and one ready to go in the baby bag if they’re going to stay with the grandparents.

My point is that babies tend to need quite a few blankets to keep them nice and snug, and once one has been the victim of a bit of baby sick, you’re going to want to have another close to hand.

Luckily at there’s a rather lovely selection of baby blankets, from plain knitted ones to fleeces to character embroidered ones.

Here are five of the best that I’ve found so far:

Mamas & Papas striped knitted blanket, this one does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. It’s stripy and it’s knitted. The stripes are a variety of colours – red, pink, blue, green, purple, white, so this would make an excellent gift if you were unsure about the sex of the baby.

If you’re not one for colours or characters this Mamas & Papas knitted stripe blanket could well be for you and is a plain cream colour with varying brown stripes and would be perfect in a pram, Moses basket or crib.

Tiddly Wink Safari embroidered fleece blanket, this cute little blanket is a lovely yellowy cream and is made of a fleece material, so it’s really nice and cosy and will feel lovely next to your baby’s skin. It features a cute giraffe character too and you can also get loads of matching items in this range if you like it.

This My Garden fleece blanket is also a great option and is white with a polka dot trim and features a cute tortoise character, who is carrying a small snail on its back as well as a small embroidered dragonfly. The fleece will be nice and snug and is not overly character focussed so it would make an excellent gift for either a baby boy or girl.

For those of you with a penchant for cute characters however you can’t go wrong with Mamas and Papas Zeddy and Parsnip embroidered fleece blanket. The Zeddy and Parsnip range feature cute characters of a Zebra and bunny rabbit and this lovely soft patchwork blanket features them both and will look lovely in your nursery should you have other Zeddy and Parsnip items too!

There are plenty of different options on the baby blanket front so you will be able to find something that suits your needs best, but remember that you may well need more than just one so why not try out a few designs and materials and see which one your baby likes best?

27th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren