Beds for Babies

If you are expecting your first baby (or wanting to try something different with a second or third….!), you maybe finding it difficult and confusing making the decision of what your baby should sleep in once the happy arrival is here.

There are many choices, so here’s a little about them all to help you decide……

Moses Basket – usually made from weaved maize or wicker, with a hood and carry handles. They come with detachable cotton coverings so they’re easy to wash. Getting a stand for your moses basket is ideal and these can be stationary or rocking stands. Moses baskets are great for newborns as they feel safe in the smaller space. They are fantastic for moving about and carrying from room to room, kept upstairs during the night and brought downstairs during the day. They are lightweight and the handles make them really easy to carry, even with baby in. How long your baby will use it though will depends on how big your baby is! My 8lb 5oz son used his for around 3 months, whereas my 10lb daughter used it for about 3 weeks! A smaller baby may use it for longer!

Bassinette – very similar to a moses basket, although made from slightly sturdier materials. Bassinette’s don’t usually have a hood or handles, so carrying them around is not quite as easy, so more ideal if the are staying in one room.  They aren’t as popular in the UK so there isn’t as much choice in the styles and the materials to go with them. But they look lovely!

Crib – this is a stationary bed which will stay in your baby’s room, made from wood and they usually swing so baby can be rocked to sleep. They look adorable, very traditional and are great if you don’t want to go down the moses basket route but want something smaller than a cot for your baby to sleep in. Your baby will probably last up to the age of 6 months in a crib.

Cot – usually made from wood and is going to stay in baby’s bedroom. Cots usually have bars on the sides and can have bars or solid ends. One side usually drops down to make lifting your baby in and out easier, and some have a choice of base height. They can be used from newborn although a tiny baby may feel a bit lost in the big space. A cot will probably last up until the age of 2 years old. There are numerous lovely sets of blankets, quilts and cot bumpers (which go round the cot where baby’s head is) to match whatever nursery you have.

Cotbed – very similar to a cot but larger in size. A cotbed will grow with your child as it starts off as a cot, once your child is older the sides come off (and usually one of the ends lowers) to create a bed, so will last to around the age of 5 years old. Cotbed’s have bars on the sides which can be lowered and solid ends (usually), and the base height can be changed. Again they can be used from newborn, but a newbrn baby will look very tiny in such a big space! Slightly more expensive than a cot but will definately last a lot longer.

Travel Cot – a fold down cot that is designed to be used when you are not at home. They fold down nice and small and come with a thin mattress and handle to carry around, fantastic for holidays! These are great and relatively inexpensive, but shouldn’t be used as you’re baby’s permanent bed as they don’t offer the right comfort and support for the long term. Some people also use them as play pens once baby has started moving around.

I hope that has helped make things a little easier for you!

Which bed will you be buying for your baby? Or have you got already got a bed for your baby that you can recommend?

4th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren