Choosing a new TV: LCD, LED or Plasma?

If you’re looking to buy a new TV and you’ve not been in the market for a while then you’ll no doubt be, as I was, baffled at the choices out there. Which makes for a better TV: LCD, LED or Plasma? After a bit of investigating it soon emerged that there are some subtle differences between the types that could help you make up your mind.

  • Plasma TV’s used to completely dominate the TV market due to their superior picture quality but LCD TV’s have now caught up in the picture stakes and they are currently providing much needed competition in the TV market, which means lower prices for you. LED TVs have newer technology and will be very lightweight and thin models, but currently they are rather expensive but if you’ve got the budget these are well worth looking into.
  • Contrast radio is the difference between the lightest of whites and the darkest of dark tones, and in this dimension Plasma TV’s are superior, although the LCD screens do give them a good run for their money.
  • LCD TV’s are best for viewing still images, so if you’re planning on using your TV as a second monitor for your PC and it is the reason why LCD technology is used in flatscreen computer monitors.
  • LCD’s also use less power than Plasma TV’s because the neon gas in plasma TV’s takes more energy to light it up. So if you’re an eco-warrior this could be the route for you. LCD’s generally use around half the energy of a Plasma TV.
  • Plasma TV’s are better for watching moving images so if you’re a movie buff and want to see those car chases or battles in their best quality then this is the better option. Plasma TVs don’t lag and they can also be viewed well from angles, which is good if you have chairs positioned to the side of your TV.
  • Weight-wise Plasma TV’s are heavier and are also quite fragile, this is something to consider if you are going to be hanging your TV on the wall. You should always make sure your TV is well supported when mounted, and where possible installed by a professional.

As you can see both types of TV have advantages and disadvantages so it’s really a matter of personal choice and of course the size and price of the model you are looking to purchase will also play a big role in your decision. Pick a TV that fits your expectations and your budget and that way you can get the best viewing experience for you.

12th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren