Deck the halls with… bright nature prints

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the smell of freshly mown grass is floating on the wind. Which is brilliant when the sun is shining of course but when the April showers start falling we’re reminded of the horrible weather that the UK can sometimes throw at us.

In these instances, stuck indoors, with it raining cats and dogs outside, that we want to be reminded of sunnier times so why not bring nature inside and decorate some rooms with some bright prints and pictures featuring sunny days, flowers and gorgeous landscapes?

For those of you beach lovers out there who want to be reminded of lovely white sand, beautiful oceans and sunshine then there are plenty of options here at Fancy a walk to the beach? Try this aptly named walk to the beach canvas which perfectly captures that glorious moment of walking to the beach, just before you reach the sea. Or perhaps you’d rather see the sea? Try this calm and serene scene captured in the beach scene canvas which just breathes tranquillity and relaxation, and hopefully will detract from the pouring rain outside.  If you’re more of a pebble beach kind of fan then this pebbles canvas is perfect for you and helps you bring the seaside indoors.

If you’re more of a nature fan and fancy a bit of flower power in the home then you will literally be spoilt for choice as many of the prints available these days feature pretty flowers or bold floral prints. This red rose print canvas is the perfect choice for someone wanting an injection of bold colour in the home, with a hint of romance in the form of a beautiful red rose. If you like the close up angle of the rose then you might also like this dreamy canvas of a blooming white and purple flower, or this printed floral canvas which is a close up of a bright red flower on a white background.

If beautiful landscapes are more your thing then these too can often be a popular choice for brightening up a bland wall or injecting a bit of atmosphere into a room. I particularly like this morning walk canvas which captures the beauty of sun breaking through the mist, while it’s still cool but promises a lovely sunny day! This misty bridge canvas does much the same thing but has less of the sunshine and more tranquillity to it.

There are loads of other options for brightening up that bland wall space, perhaps a cityscape would cheer up your wall or go for something a little more abstract, rather than a picture print to add some character. Whatever it is that you need to keep you smiling on those rainy days, go ahead and get yourself some wall art and dream of happier sunny days.

27th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren