Diesel for Men

One of the questions I get asked a lot by my friends is do I pick out clothes for my chap.

I honestly can say no I don’t! He is one of the rare few  men who can manage to look stylish on any occasion and he has his own unique way of dressing.

Sadly not all men are the same – most seem to go from being dressed by their mums and then onto letting their girlfriends pick out their clothes. The reasons for this may be simple. Women love to shop whilst most men don’t, unless it is something with multiple wires attached such as the latest games console or flat screen TV.

One of Michael’s favourite brands is Diesel. Well cut jeans and stylish accessories look the business for a dressed down daytime look and I have picked out a few favourites below to show you how to get the look as quickly as possible.

Dressed down with flip flops and a vest this isn’t a look reserved just for the beach, it looks equally as cool in the city – do as he does and top off with a beanie hat for instant lad about town appeal!

And yes shock horror he even has man bags, once only known to gay men and Joey off friends, a bag is both practical and stylish and let’s face it men have to carry stuff too, iPods, phones or if you are like my oh you will be lugging an Xbox around as well with assorted games so why not at least look stylish in the process?

Finish the look with sleek grooming and a designer men’s fragrance such as Armani and you are good to go.

14th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Marlin 19 May 2014

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