Embrace the Great Outdoors – Top Tents

Summer is fast approaching and the past week has seen some lovely summer days, which is good news for all of you who’ve had to cancel holidays due to the horrible ash cloud spouting from the Icelandic volcano.

With the lovely weather and for those of you who missed out on your break abroad, why not embrace the British outdoors and head to the country with your tent for a few days of family fun?

Of course your most important item here is the tent, the last thing you need is something that a) isn’t big enough and b) one that you forgot had a hole in the floor from the last camping trip…

So if you’re in the market for a lovely new tent to be your home on your camping holiday then no need to look any further than Very.co.uk who have a rather good selection of tents, from two person tents for those couples in need of a break right though to seven person tents for those of you bringing the whole family!

I rather like the Gelert “Twister” tent that can sleep four people, it’s a funky orange colour and comes with double skin protection which will keep you well protected in case it decides to throw it down, and the pre-attached guidelines can only be a good thing. It also comes with a unique ‘rollaway’ system that means you should be able to pack it away in approximately two minutes!

The rather sturdy looking Lichfield Minok tent sleeps five people and is a much more satisfying affair which will see more building than the Gelert but will be worth the wait and isfully waterproof and nice and roomy so the kids won’t go stir-crazy being stuck with their siblings for too long.

For those of you with big families who want some space options then the Gelert Cadiz seven man tent should do the job nicely. This big tent comes with a removable bedroom so you can choose to open up the living space if you want, or if you want a bit of space from the kids, this is perfect. The tent also features inner/outer ventilation as well as a double guying system to make sure your tent is nice and secure. There’s even an inbuilt 3-in-1 suitcase style carry bag for it, to make assembly and disassembly nice and simple and make sure you don’t leave any parts!

There’s loads more tents available at very.co.uk so it’s just a case of hunting down the right one for your needs. Hopefully the sun is here to stay so you can make the most of your camping holiday without having to worry if the tent will leak!

27th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren