Five Minutes of Fashion with Beverley Knight

Beverley Knight’s got three MOBOs, has duetted with everyone from Prince to REM and has released six studio albums – so she’s experienced when it comes to dressing up for her fans. She’s seen all trends come and go throughout her 15 year showbiz career, but what is she tipping for 2010? And she’s just launched her own make-up range, so can we expect a clothing collection too? Read on!

QS: Who’s your style icon?

“Grace Jones. She stands out and normally for the right reasons. And I am also pretty inspired by Prince. He sets his own rules and that’s what I wish I could do.”

QS: How long does it take you to get ready?

“Five minutes to get dressed and about 15 minutes to do my make-up. I’m so low maintenance – mainly so I can spend more time on Twitter! The only reason it takes me a bit longer to do my make-up is because I have my own make up range K by Beverley Knight, so I have to represent that.”

QS: You have your own make-up range – is a fashion range next on your agenda?

“NO WAY! I actually enjoy shopping and I think if I had my own range it would ruin that. Also, I know how much effort went into the make-up range. I have absolutely no desire to do that again. I’ll leave that to people like Holly Willoughby andFearne Cotton.”

QS: You always seem to look good when we see you. What’s your secret?

“Check the hem length and the bust area carefully. Just because you may be able to pull off a daring outfit at the beginning of an evening, you have to remember clothes are harder to wear after you’ve had a few drinks. An outfit that is titillating could end up be titillating for the wrong reasons!

“I’m always super careful because there is normally some paparazzi waiting for me to mess up and put a camera up my skirt. It’s sad, but people love it when you make fashion mistakes.”

QS: What’s your must-have item for the summer?

“It has to be shoes and high heeled shoes. You can’t beat heels to make you feel fabulous. And you can wear heels come rain or shine – very important in the UK!”

QS: Finally, how do you stay in shape?

“I’m always dancing. Shopping and dancing  – sometimes both at the same time. If I had more time, I’d do yoga but I’ve just finished a massive gig at the Royal Albert Hall and then I’m off on tour to promote my new album 100% – my sixth studio album

“I’m a big dancer and I think more people should embrace it. I can’t bear it when I go to bars and people are drinking not dancing – it’s so boring!”

If we looked as good as the Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda singer then we’d be skipping down the red carpet too!

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26th April 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin