Five Minutes of Fashion with Zoe Salmon

Former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon has come such a long way from her days running round in jeans and trainers a kids TV presenter, so we had to grab her to get the gossip behind her style transformation. Friendly Zoe – looking stunning in a sparkly silver dress – told us what inspired her to glam up and what she is looking forward to this summer as well as letting us in on her wardrobe mistakes.

Qs: How has your style changed since you were on Blue Peter?

“I have to make more of an effort now – it takes me a lot longer to get ready. There’s a saying dress for the job you want, not the one you have so you have to dress up if you want to work, especially in TV. Before Blue Peter, I used to be a model and it feels like I have gone back full circle to what things I wore then.”

Qs: You have some great red carpet dresses, so what goes through your mind when choosing what to wear?

“Firstly I think about the nature of the event I am going to. I wouldn’t wear the same thing at a ball as I would do to a night at a club. Then I look at it from a distance to see if you would spot me in a crowd. I couldn’t bear to be boring with a black dress. Finally, I know it sounds weird, but I practise walking in it because outfits take on a completely different shape when you move and I wouldn’t want any unflattering photos.”

Qs: Have you ever had any wardrobe malfunctions?

“Yes! There was this one dress that was a lot shorter than I thought it was and I showed off more leg than expected. My advice for everyone is if you think it is too short then it probably is, so don’t wear it. Trust your instincts!”

Qs: What will you be wearing this summer?

“Probably something shiny and sparkly. I’m a real magpie. If it’s glittery, I want it!”

Qs: Do you prefer sequins or studs?

“BOTH! But maybe sequins on dresses and studs on jackets.”

When it comes to sequin dresses, you can’t get any more glamorous than this Glam by Caprice sequin shift dress at Very

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8th April 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin

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