Hot Trend -Denim shorts

Denim shorts  are big news at the moment and all the celebs have been snapped wearing their unique versions of how to wear the  latest trend that’s straight off the cat walk.

Before you run off screaming into the hills, just take a deep breath and read on.

Yes I admit when I first saw them in the shops  I had visions of Britney Spears  sporting her ‘just out of the trailer look’ and no its really not a great look to replicate – especially in England when it takes us all summer to be brave enough to take off our cardigans, never mind start flashing our pasty bits!

I am woman enough to admit I do own one pair that I reserve for holidays only but having looked at the new pairs at Very and studying the celebs closely, I may soon be sporting a pair on the city high street!

I couldn’t help but notice that Olivia Palermo is wearing an outfit remarkably similar to a look featured in Very by fashion brand Rare. A fun to wear cardigan worn over ruffle blouse and shorts, topped off nicely with opaque’s and heels. It’s a look that adds an instant slimming effect to those pins!

The other strong trend with celebs such as Nicole Richie is pairing up those shorts with your boyfriend blazer and casual t-shirts underneath. This is a look that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and looks great with both flat shoes or heels.

Take a look through Very and grab your favourite pair of shorts from our huge range of women’s clothing. They are sure to be a big seller this spring.

Which way will you be wearing yours?

6th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren