Kid’s entertainment for the garden

It’s all very well and good having a garden but if you’ve just got a lawn and not much else it can hardly be the most thrilling place for kids to enjoy the sunshine, although of course their imaginary worlds are probably far more fun than anything we could come up with.

To give them a helping hand however, why not spruce up your garden with a bit of entertainment for the little ones so when you’re trying to spring clean they’ve got something to do when you chuck them outside for some fresh air.

There is nothing more fun, for kids and adults too, than a trampoline. There really isn’t anything that can beat the joy of jumping around like a big kid so we expect the little ones will love it too. Of course you’ll need the space if you’re going for a big one such as a 12ft trampoline and it’s also well worth investing in a  trampoline safety enclosure to make sure there are no tears before bedtime. They are a little pricey but there will be hours of entertainment from this not to mention its great fun and good exercise too, which is good if you’ve got a bit of a couch potato on your hands.

For those with kids who love hide and seek there’s the rather nifty 6-in-1 Pop-Up Tent which features six different pop up structures that can be fitted together and are great for hiding and crawling around in. This will keep the kids busy for hours and you can also build it inside if the weather takes a turn for the worse!

Parents of budding tennis pro’s who can’t quite stretch to a full blown tennis court will be thankful for a swingball set which can be used on any surface and will let those sports fans practice their tennis swings in the garden. This should help them burn off some energy and will keep them busy until they come trooping in for a drink after some energetic few games.

For parents who will probably remember them from the first time round why not invest in some space hopper style toys such as these Peppa Pig or Thomas and Friends ones, for your little ones to hop around and race their friends in the garden. When they aren’t looking you could even have a hop or two yourself; these are great toys that have obviously stood the test of time.

26th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren