Kitten Heels are Back!

If you want style and comfort in a shoe, then it’s time to celebrate – the kitten heel has been all over the catwalk and is making a huge comeback!

They are also a favourite with some celebs too, Olivia Wilde, Nicole Kidman and Carey Mulligan have all been pictured wearing them recently.

The kitten heel is fantastically comfy for wearing at work all day long, and looks fantastic if you are going straight to the bar after work! They are also fab for giving a casual look more of an edge – they give you the poise of high heels without the pain!

They are fantastic no matter what your height, giving you just that extra bit of leg length, but do be careful if you are a shorter lady, just make sure you avoid the shoes with ankle straps as these will shorten your leg.

If you want the catwalk look, go for a short (about 3.5 – 5cms), thin heel with a slight curve in it so it is set in from the edge of the shoe.

What do you think of the kitten heel comeback?

8th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Melanie 9 June 2010

Just bought a pair of orange kitten heels! Very excited to wear shoes that look good as well as feel comfortable! ehee!