Natalie Imbruglia’s Marathon Relief!

Natalie Imbruglia’s not Torn about what she’ll be wearing this summer – she’s going to be full-on feminine in the next few months.

The soap star turned singer admirably completed the Virgin London Marathon in a time of five hours two minutes.

She beat Hollyoaks soap star Ricky Whittle, who limped over the finish line in 5 hours 41 minutes, and TV chef Gordon Ramsay who gave up and didn’t complete the run.

After the race, she admitted: “I’m looking forward to having a rest from running.

“The training has been hard work. I started training in December and for the past few months I made it my job. I run, repair and run again. Now it’s time to ditch the trainers for a bit.”

Doing the training means that already slim ex Neighbours actress has shaped up – so she can afford to show off her legs more in one of the gorgeous women’s skirts on sale right now.

This South print tulip skirt is just like what Natalie wore on stage at her last gig in Moscow before the Marathon.

But even if you haven’t been pounding the pavements jogging then you can still wear skirts as bold prints take attention from problem areas. This South fashion print skirt is bold but beautiful.

Or this South floral print skirt, with smaller blooms, is both flattering and feminine.

The sporty singer raised a massive £52,191 for Sir Richard Branson’s charity Virgin Unite. Someone should give her a bunch of flowers for all that effort!

In the end, she still got a treat as she was invited to refuel over dinner at Clarence House with Princess Beatrice, who also finished the London marathon in five hours 13 minutes. Hopefully, she changed out of her jogging bottoms first…and into a cute skirt!

26th April 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin