The New Storage Bed

When you think of storage beds, the first thing that comes into your mind is a divan with drawers underneath – right?

Well the storage bed has a new style, an up to date modern look with a twist on the storage solution.

The new look is a modern leather bed lift up bed, usually in brown, black or cream/white. The whole mattress lifts up to give you masses of storage space, either from the bottom or the side of the bed.

They give you style and class, whilst maximising the space in your bedroom with the most storage possible.

They take the necessity of bedroom storage and make it trendy, intelligent and most importantly of all, comfortable, with a smooth style that will become the focal point of your room.

Utilising a hydraulic arm, you can effortlessly lift the mattress to reveal the hidden area inside (and it will stay safely in its raised position until you push it back down again).  And the matress and bedding do not need to be removed. It’s an altogether better bed!

Available in double and king sizes, you can buy the bed frame on its own or with a mattress.

So all you need to decide is what would you keep in yours…..?  Bed linen?  Clothes?  Books?  The junk you have no where else to put?  Or my favourite…… your shoes all nicely lined up in colour coded rows…………

11th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Marcia 16 June 2014

I would like to get an idea of prices on a queen size and a king size and possibly California King if it comes in that size and also could you tell me are there any shipping charges?? Thank you

Posted by: rothna 7 May 2010

i bought the ottoman bed from very!!! i have to say i love it! i got it in the x-mas sale so i nipped it for a bargain,, but i have to say it is well worth every penny! sooo much space underneath,, btw i go shopping and buy things my other half don;t even know about!!! coz i stash it in my bed!!!

Posted by: Very_Leanne 11 April 2010

I might get one of these so that Chris can sleep in the underneath bit!! x