Time to get out and about

Our American cousins might know how to party when the sun shines but us Brits sure know how to handle the temperamental British weather. Whilst LA recently downed tools and swayed to the sweet sounds of live music at the Coachella festival, we know how to really handle the great outdoors and really camp it up!

Instead of lazing about in the warm weather why not get active and get yourself out and about. Walking is a fantastic way to tone up and see a little of the countryside. Loraine Kelly swears by walking and believes it is definitely what aided her weight loss, and if it’s good enough for LK, it’s certainly good enough for us.

If you fancy exploring a little further then hiking might be the way forward for you. To ensure a safe hike it ‘s best to invest in some sturdy but stylish boots. We love these Timberland Smoothrock leather boots, not only are they practical but they look pretty cool too! Get them in the brown tone and match them to this season’s favourite khaki colour.

If you fancy an over night stay then it’s worth investing in a good sturdy tent – it will be your home for the duration of your stay after all! Check out this Dover Dover 4-person tent – it’s quality double skin, two entrances and spacious living area means you can get all cosy in your home from home. The kids will love it too!

For more fab ‘get outside ideas’, check out what very.co.uk has to offer:

This sturdy but lightweight bike offers a great way to burn those calories whilst shedding some sun.

CBR Citizen 700c 21-speed cycle – ladies’ £299

Let’s face it, the weather doesn’t always do us justice so this popping pink mac will brighten up the dullest day.

Pac-a-mac £50

If you’d rather eat than exercise then this large grill BBQ is the perfect party piece.

Party barrel charcoal grill BBQ £79

30th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren