Top kids toys for playing and learning

We all know playtime is meant to be fun for our little ones but there’s also a great emphasis these days on making sure that our kids are learning new things as they grow. Luckily there’s a whole new world of toys out there that encourage kids to learn as they play, so as well as being fun they might also learn new sounds, sensations and older children can learn new words, numbers and shapes.

There are loads of sensory toys out there these days which let your little one interact with different touch sensations and sounds with most featuring things like rattles, mirrors, crinkle material, bells and melodies. This cute octivity time sensory toy has ten engaging features for your little one including clinky rings, rattles, crinkles, a spinning starfish and a mirror and is great for hanging from their playmat frame for them to reach out and touch.

For those of you who want your kids to get an early start this laugh and learn puppy will help your little one to learn the alphabet, numbers as well as parts of the body which are labelled on the cute doggy character. There’s also a sing along option for 10 favourite songs and games, the dog collar lights up and flashes in time to the music to keep your baby’s attention.

Kids love stories and they love music so this Fisher-Price nursery rhymes book is a perfect toy for any child. The friendly bookworm in the middle of the toy holds the books, and your baby can flip through them in order to hear storytime melodies or they can press one of the learning buttons in the centre to hear new words, numbers, letters and colours. The blinking lights will also help you baby know which page to focus on.

For those of you with little ones about to take their first steps then add an additional fun element with the vetch first steps baby walker which is designed to support your baby as they start to toddle about the house. The walker also features a detachable learning centre where your baby can play with new shapes; learn new letters words, numbers, colours and animals as well as featuring a number of melodies, sing-a-long songs and flashing lights. There’s also a slightly less girly (and less pink!) version if you have a little boy, or if you’re not too keen on the pink version.

Of course there’s a massive selection of educational toys available for you to choose from so it’s just a case of deciding what you’re looking for and what your baby will enjoy the most. No doubt your baby will be more than entertained with some of these toys, and it’s always worth reading the user reviews to see what other mum’s have made of the item!

27th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren