Yes, Even Men Can Do ‘Double Denim’

Gents, have you heard the word ‘trend’ coming from your partner’s mouth? Or have you happened to glance at one of her fashion mags and seen catwalk images and thought: ‘What’s it all about then?’. Well I’m here to say that one of the major trends, universally and uni-sexually, that you need to know about this Spring/Summer is double denim. Everyone is doing it, and everyone is loving it, so know it’s your turn!

Just look at David Beckham here, he’s really working the trend with such a cool, relaxed style. He mixes black washed jeans and a lighter blue denim shirt, but you can do it in a multitude of ways…

Here’s the double denim trend set out for you, all you have to do is mix and match. Don’t be shy, you’ll gain bonus points for your on-trendness!

First things first, you need a shirt: (click on any product to buy it!)

Levis long sleeve dark denim £65

Wrangler Western shirt £55

Goodsouls denim look shirt £32

Next is a good pair of jeans. Try a different colour to the shirt for a contrast:

Brooker boot cut £22

Voi comfort fit jeans £55

Joe Brown 24 hour jeans £35

The last thing you might need is a tee, like David, to break the look up:

Superdry Osaka tee £19

Brooker casual Y-neck (pack of two) £12

Ralph Lauren vintage tee (pack of two) £45

Wear the trend with style lads!

22nd April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren