Feeding Your Baby – What To Buy

Whether you have decided to breast or bottle feed your new baby, there are plenty of things you will need to buy, and as your baby gets older there are even more things to think about, so here is a quick guide to help you decide what you need…..

The Essentials….

Breast Pump – if you are planning on breast feeding and expressing your milk you will need a breast pump, you can get electric or manual ones, they both work equally as well.

Muslin Squares – fantastic for mopping up leaks (from bottle or breast!) and for using when winding your baby.

Bottles – an obvious one if you are bottle feeding! But if you are expressing breast milk you will need some too. There are so many to choose from and it’s personal choice which you prefer. You need to look at the teat hole size as newborns need smaller holes than older babies.

Steriliser – an essential peice of equipment for making sure everything is 100% germ free, you can get electric, microwave and tablet sterilisers – again which one is personal choice.

Bottle Brush – for making sure the bottles are clean before going in the steriliser.

Formula Milk – if you are bottle feeding you will need to buy formula milk – always follow the instructions on the pack on how to make up the milk.

Optional Extras….

Bottle Warmer – you can warm your bottle in a jug of hot water but this just makes life a little easier.

Bibs – more for bottle fed babies than breastfed, they will just help to keep your baby clean.

Storage Pots – if you are breastfeeding these are great for keeping your milk in especially if you are freezing it.

Nursing Pillow – a specially shaped pillow designed to make holding your baby while feeding that little bit more comfortable.

Bottle Bag – if you are planning on taking bottles out and about you will need something to keep them cool.

Travel Accessories – you can get travel bottle warmers and travel steralisers if you are planning on travelling with your baby.

As Baby Gets Bigger….

Highchair – once your baby starts moving onto solids this is the perfect place to feed them, there are so many designs and prices vary massively.

Blender – if you are making your own baby food this is essential for turning the food into puree, large blenders or  hand held blenders are both fine.

Storage Pots – if you already have some from storing your breast milk just  re-use them, if you are planning on making your own food you will need somewhere to store it. Make sure they can go in the freezer and preferibly the microwave too.

Bowls, spoons and cups – an obvious one! Non-spill cups with a spout are fantastic for learning babies.

Bibs – you will definately need these once solids are on the menu! As baby gets bigger, pelican bibs are a great idea as they catch all the food that misses the mouth!

I hope that has helped! Is there anything you think I have missed off that helped you feed your baby? Share your advice for new Mums and Dads by leaving a comment…….

1st May 2010
Written by Very_Lauren