Five Minutes of Fashion with Jamelia

The D&G party in Cannes was packed with glamorous A’list stars, but British girl Jamelia held her own amongst the fashion elite in a striking gold mini dress.

The Brummie singer had been flown over to Cannes especially for the party and its no wonder when you see how she works it in a barely-there party dress.

Jamelia shows dressing up is all about attitude. Posing with her hand on her hip and raising her chin like she hasn’t got a care in the world is how she pulls it off. If she crept in head bowed and tugging the dress down then it wouldn’t have had nearly the same jaw-dropping impact.

We caught up with the MOBO award winning singer to ask for the secrets of her success, question how she finds time for fashion as a  busy working mum and find out what the future holds in terms of singing…and acting.

QS: How long does it take you to get ready?

“If I haven’t got the kids, then I could spend all day. I could wash my hair, have a bath, do my nails, put a face mask on. But when you’ve got kids you just have to get ready and go. Sometimes I put my hair up because all I have time to do is get changed and put on a bit of lipstick.”

QS: What is the secret to getting ready in a hurry?

“Good preparation. If you know you have something special then plan in advance. I like the saying if you fail to plan you plan to fail. You don’t have to have full on nails and hair done at every single minute of the day, but it’s nice to make the most of what you have.:

QS: Where do you get all your glamorous outfits from?

“D&G, obviously. No, I wish – I shop on the high street like everyone else. I love Lipsy. And I do online shopping when I’m short of time.”

QS: Do you ever get nervous when you walk the red carpet?

“All the time. I just look in the mirror before I leave the house and tell myself I can do it. If you feel bad then you look bad, so always smile!”

QS: While you are in Cannes, are you meeting with any film producers?

“I would LOVE to get into acting. I’ve actually done a few films already – just small parts. I really enjoyd it so I am exploring all options at the moment. If I could come back to Cannes and be in a film that’s showing here it would be a dream!”

Thank You Jamelia!

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30th May 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin