Five Minutes of Fashion with Michelle Rodriguez

She looked like a blue smurf in Avatar but Michelle Rodriquez is tanned and toned and every inch the Hollywood star in real-life.

The  actress with curves to die for has been in Cannes since the fillm festival started with the gala premiere of Robin Hood. Since then she’s been to a Chopard 150th anniversary gala dinner, the Vanity Fair magazine party and partied at the VIP nightclub.

Proving she’s a woman of many talents, Michelle, who’s also famous for her role in US TV series Lost, got behind the DJ decks in the VIP Club for an hour’s session. We caught up with her  to chat going from blue to black and ask for tips about red carpet dressing.

QS: “How do actresses like you chose what to wear on the red carpet?”

It’s tough! It is a problem in Cannes as you are busy doing interviews and then you find you have an hour to get back to your hotel, get changed and then get on the red carpet. It’s relentless. My tip is always ask for a second opinion – ask someone else what they think of what you are wearing.

QS: You wore a black skirt to the Chopard dinner rather than a long ballgown, which was quite fashion forward. Why?

“Sometimes I feel  restricted in full length dresses and maxi dresses. I am a real action girl and I think dresses sometimes look strange on me. Go with what you look good in!”

QS: Has breaking the dress code ever caused you to make a  fashion faux pas?

Well I don’t think so, I don’t know what anyone else thinks to what I wear and I don’t care.

I don’t always break the rules. On occasions I like getting dressed up.

If I do wear something a little bit different then it is never majorly different – as long as I have followed the general rules of the dress code I think it’s ok. It’s not as if I am wearing jeans to a fancy dress party.

QS: After wearing blue in Avatar, has it put you off the colour for life?

Ha, ha – maybe. I think I will have a rest from blue for a while.

QS: What’s in your summer wardrobe?

“Lots of casual wear like vests and jeans for walking down the street. Sandals and sunglasses. A girl can never have enough sunglasses!”

For a black skirt and top combination Like Michelle’s pick a sexy skirt like this Love Label pencil skirt with side detail

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But for maximum sex appeal, try this Vero Moda wet look vest top.

And remember Michell’s advice – always ask for a sceond opinion.

18th May 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin