Football Fever with Alex Curran

Now the election is over (well, I say over…), it’s time to switch your thoughts to the main event of the summer the World Cup! Instead of sighing at the sight of your other half glued to yet another game, why not take a different tack and add a hint of glamour to your support?

One of our favourite WAGS, Alex Curran has joined the Very team to show you just what the ladies should be wearing this summer. Making terrace fashion the height of style, this unique series of slinky red-and-white styles are sure to be the only thing sure to distract the men from their beloved ENG-EEEER-LANNND whilst our boys battle it out on the pitch.

Whether it’s the short and sexy striped dress or the long and luxurious backless crimson style there’s something for all those Alex wannabes. AND, If you’re a single lady, one of these little numbers is is sure to bag you a ball-skilled beauty. Just avoid the likes of Ashley Cole hey!

Stripe maxi dress – £35

Mini ruched stripe dress – £35

Flag halter maxi dress – £35

11th May 2010
Written by Very_Lauren