Gok’s Fashion Fix: New Series, episode 1

I’m not quite sure what it is that I love most about Gok’s Fashion Fix! Is it how the show manages to divulge style tips that you can actually follow, or is it that it reassures you it’s not necessary to spend a shed load of cash to look hot? (That’s not to say I don’t love the designer looks too!) Maybe it’s both of those. Anyway, I diverge….

GFF is back for a fabulous new series and last night’s runway looks gave me plenty of inspiration for how to work some of Very’s new pieces.


It’s not about looking angelic but using feminine frills and creamy colours to create softness then juxtaposing some dark shoes or a brown bag. This is how real women do girlie!

Love Label lace body
Love Label Frou frou mini
Love Label Farrington stud peep toe platform shoes









Global Traveller

So it turns out clashing prints is acceptable – who knew – but I don’t need any more persuasion to wear animal print. Parr your patterns down with a denim jacket or jeans if bold prints make you nervous.

Rare leopard print skirt
Fearne Cotton geometric print jersey dress









Oversized Tailoring

I fear the realities of actually working in an office overshadow the concept of super-chic work wear but don’t let that stop you belting a blazer over black skinnies, or tucking a fitted shirt into wide leg trousers.

South fashion jacketSouth high waist Palazzo trousers
South high waist Palazzo trousers

I for one can’t wait to see Gok and Brix thrash it out on the Fashion Fix runway next Tuesday. Remember, Channel 4, 8pm. And don’t forget to check out the sponsor’s gorgeous ads!

26th May 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Felicity Peries 29 May 2010

could you please advise me of a retailer for ethnic blouse and sarong featured in programme tuesday 25/5 near where I live. My postcode BS21 7HL.
Thank you. Felicity Peries