iPod’s: The soundtrack to your life?

When it comes to gadgets people will often say that there are things they can’t live, without whether it’s the latest flatscreen TV or the newest gaming console, but for me it’s my trusty iPod.

I like to think about my iPod as providing the soundtrack to my life, and while there are now bigger and better versions (the iPod Touch for example), my nifty purple iPod nano was my latest extravagance in helping keep me entertained.

I’d never owned an iPod before I went backpacking and believe me when I say that a 36hr bus journey across Argentina would have been hellish without my trusty iPod. Back then I only had a small iPod, 2GB if I remember rightly, but it was enough to pack my favourite albums onto and help me block out the noise of the bus, the other backpackers, the locals who were very interested in my Lonely Planet as well as helping to distract from the slightly manic driving.

Today I have my iPod nano 16GB, which holds up to 4,000 songs so I have literally uploaded all of my favourite albums and whenever I hear something new that I quite fancy I just download it via iTunes, which is much easier than heading into town to try and find it. I use mine on the walk to work, whenever I go for a run and on the mornings when it rains and I have to use the bus! I also quite like the FM radio function which is handy when the traffic has ground to a halt in front of the bus and I have no idea why!

Some people prefer MP3 players but for me the iPod has got me through some tough times and continues to give me a spring in my step on the way to work so I’ll be sticking with my nano for now and would highly recommend any of the iPods, they come with various memory sizes so there’s really something for everyone whether you just want something for jogging along with or you want to use it every day for the daily commute.

14th May 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Kimmie 19 May 2014

The iPod classic would look tkcehir in this but the new 160GB model from last year (2009) is a lot thinner than the 160GB from 2007. The new iPod classic 160GB is also thinner than the iPhone 3G. The iPod has a depth of 0.41 inches versus the iPhone 3G at 0.48inches> Hope this helped.