Mums the Word

I have to admit that the most loyal and avid reader of my blog posts is my Mother (Hello Mum x).

Recently she made a comment that got me thinking (in the way that only a Mother can). She said that the Very website had nothing for a woman of her age. She is 58 (sorry Mum!) and I say ‘what a load of nonsense!’. You can wear anything you wish, at any age – you just have to wear it with confidence!

So, I’ve put together some outfits that includes pieces from South, So Fabulous! and Savoir to prove my Mother wrong (something that I always enjoy but rarely get to do). She may be in her 50’s but she is still gorgeous and still stylish – so, Mum, these are for you xxx

21st May 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Hazel 16 June 2010

She is right – it doesn’t happen very often at all! x

Posted by: Weny Page 15 June 2010

I love all the items Hazel put together, yes she has proved me wrong, that dosen’t happen very often. So I must take a good look at the Very site and get some stylish outfits.
Love Mum xx