The ‘less than £500’ Living Room Makeover

As a mum of five I know how easy money comes and goes in a household. There are always new shoes to be bought, washing machines need replacing etc -leaving little money for anything else.

This is one of the reasons I am a bit of a bargain lover, and searching through the sales at Very are one of my favourite past times.

When I saw sofas being sold at half price I had to share the news. I then thought it would be a great idea to do a front room makeover for under £500 -a price I think you will agree that is favourable to most pockets!

By adding in a few colour co-ordinating home accessories such as throws, cushions etc it’s so easy to add a fresh look to any home and bring an outdated room to life.

My best advice is to keep walls simple, either with paint or wallpaper. Make a feature of a wall by adding wall art and follow those colours in your curtains or rugs.

This is also very practical if you have children as it’s a lot more difficult to replace patterned wallpaper if one of them decides to do a little wall art of their own!

The same advice for soft furnishing applies. Keep it washable and easy to clean, kids make mess, they can’t help it-it’s what they do! Don’t make the mistake I did of buying real fur cushions, they don’t wash and look like stray dogs after a week once the children have had a ramp with them!

You don’t have to spend a fortune as my sets show. By doing a little research to get the best bargain you can update the whole room and save yourself hundreds in the process-leaving that cash you would have spent available to treat yourself to something nice.

Have I tempted you into a room makeover? Let me know below and don’t forget to tell me about your own money saving tips.

7th May 2010
Written by Very_Lauren