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It seems like there’s a gadget for everything these days and with loads of summer weddings coming up I got to thinking about all the electrical goods that I use for getting ready for these things, and there really are quite a few! Here are a few of my top electrical gadgets that help make me beautiful for those days when I just don’t have enough energy to do it myself.

Starting with the basics I make sure that my teeth are lovely and clean so they are nice and sparkly for the pictures. Some people love them and some people hate them but getting an electric toothbrush was one of my best investments and I no longer fear trips to the dentist. This Philips Sonicare one is very similar to mine and will leave your pearly whites nice and bright!

I’m not saying that they’re for everyone but for those of you that are sick and tired of shaving your legs in a hurry then why not try an epilator? This Braun wet and dry one is brilliant and essentially acts like loads of pairs of tweezers to leave you smooth and hair free and works on short hairs too. Much easier than realising you need to pop to the shop to grab some razors and shaving foam when you’re already in a rush.

Next up I always give my hair a good blow dry and after recently investing in a new hairdryer I’ve realised that a new one really can make a difference as my new one is much speedier than my old one, which means I can get it dry in half the time. Try this Nicky Clarke frizz control dryer for a professional finish and minimal frizz!

Finally, there are the hair straighteners. I’m sure there are plenty of ladies (and indeed guys!) out there who will agree with me when I say that hair straighteners have revolutionised the way we style our hair today. There’s loads of different varieties on the market now such as these cordless Babyliss ones which I imagine are handy when there’s no plug near your mirror, and you can also get various set that have all kind of accessories like this Nicky Clarke set that comes with a brush, heatproof bag and hair clips. You can even take a step out of your styling with these Wet-2-Straight Remington straighteners, which do exactly what they say and let you straighten and dry your hair at the same time.

The number of everyday electricals that we use today is amazing but I couldn’t live without mine, otherwise I’d end up leaving the house looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!

23rd May 2010
Written by Very_Lauren