Wanna be a Barbie girl?

For more than five decades, Barbie has inspired girls to try on different careers, encouraging them to play out their dreams and explore the world and all it’s possibilities. When you think about it, the lady is quite the inspiration! With more than 120 careers on her CV, spanning from registered nurse to rock star, veterinarian to aerobics instructor, pilot to police officer, she really is the ultimate power woman. Not to mention the fact that she has maintained continued impeccable style, a cool group of girlfriends and a long-term (HOT) boyfriend! 

    Astronaut Barbie 1986

Barbie continues to take on aspirational and culturally relavent roles while also serving as a role model and agent for change. Inspiring girls to play out their dreams and explore the world and all of its fabulous possibilities. Oh how we heart Barbie!

“Barbie® has always represented that a woman has choices.  Even in her early years, Barbie® did not have to settle for only being Ken’s girlfriend or an inveterate shopper.  She had the clothes, for example, to launch a career as a nurse, a stewardess, a nightclub singer.  I believe the choices Barbie® represents helped the doll catch on initially, not just with daughters – who would one day make up the first major wave of women in management and professionals – but also with mothers.”  Ruth Handler, Creator of the Barbie® doll, who was inspired by her young daughter Barbara’s fascination with teenage life and love for fashion dolls.

   1973 saw Barbie become a surgeon

So you see what happens when you combine brains and beauty – more than plastic fantastic that’s for sure. Barbie is working with some education departments to encourage young ladies to try on different careers. For more information on this visit:  http://www.barbieicanbe.co.uk 

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26th May 2010
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