Beyonce’s Bootylicious Shorts At Isle of Wight

Her husband Jay-Z was the headline act at The Isle of Wight festival, but Beyonce got all the attention when it came to fashion.

It wasn’t the warmest weather at the weekend but the former Destiny’s Child singer turned up the temperature herself with some super sexy shorts.

Bey looked good and she knew it and we hear she indulged in some treats during her trip to the UK.

Before flying to the the island, the married couple dined in posh Knightsbridge Chinese restaurant Mr Chows where meals normally cost at least £100 a head.

They took a private helicopter to the gig instead of the ferry like the rest of us, and they splashed out on Armand de Brignac Champagne and Belgian chocolates to consume on the journey. Jealous!

However, the loved up power couple can afford to be extravagant as the pitter patter of tiny feet is a while off.

Despite being married over two years, there is no time for parenthood.

Jay-Z’s on tour, Beyonce’s just finished hers and next she is going into films as it’s been a while since her last acting stints in Dream Girls, The Pink Panther and Austin Powers.

Her next movie will be the upcoming remake of the Barbara Streisand hit, A Star Is Born – the story of an alcoholic movie star helping an aspiring singer/actress find fame as he struggles with his own demons. Russell Crowe will play the alcoholic  – interesting!

And there may even be a Destiny’s Child reformation as Beyonce met up with Kelly Rowland during her trip to London.

There had been reports the pair didn’t get on but they must have put their differences behind them now as they both attended Mayfair nightclub Whisky Mist.

All they need to do is convince third bandmate Michelle Williams to join them and they’ll be true Survivors.

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Bootylicious and beautiful – it’s never been easier to copy Beyonce.

15th June 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin