Brightening up your summer garden

Summer is finally here and while the sunshine might not be out as often as we’d like it’s always best to be prepared so why not get your garden ready for some sunbathing, barbeques and a few cocktails with friends and family?

First things first, have you cut the grass recently? May sound a bit silly but a good garden tidy up can do wonders so grab yourself a lawnmower such as this Flymo 1500 watt one and whip your lawn back into shape. Get rid of those pesky bits around the edge with a rather handy lawn trimmer such as this Bosch easytrim which will let you get into those corners or next to walls where your lawnmower can’t reach!

Now that your lawn is looking nice and tidy then why not brighten up your flowerbeds with an infusion of colour with some new bulbs? There’s plenty of selection here at but personally I quite like these Cottage Garden plants which will give you lots of colours and shapes to make your flowerbeds more attractive this summer.

I’m quite excited by the fact that my strawberry plants have started to grow in their pots at home and I was pleased to see that Very are offering lots of different fruit plants and trees so there’ll be something for everyone and will bring loads of colour and scents to your garden. Browsing through the Plants & Flowers department there are strawberry, raspberry, grape, blackberry and even kiwi fruit plants amongst others so there’s enough there for a great fruit salad!

Now to finish off making your garden lovely and welcoming, you might need some new garden furniture in case we see any barbeque weather over the next few months and you want to invite some people round. For small gatherings this 6-piece Mawi garden furniture set would be perfect for a nice sunny evening in the garden, or for larger groups perhaps this 8-piece Montana set would do nicely.

So there’s just a few ideas for sprucing up your garden and getting it ready for the summer, now all we have to do is hope that the sunshine will oblige us with a few rays so that we can enjoy all our hard work!

15th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren