Forget England, Viva La Espana!

With England’s world cup campaign a distant memory/bad dream we can now unashamedly back another horse in this race for footballing supremacy.

How fickle but how fabulous!

It’s a fun game that anyone can play and I can assure you it won’t be anywhere near as traumatic as supporting England. Well it won’t.

How about the pre tournament favourites Spain?

Those in the know have gone awfully quiet about Vicente del Bosque’s men since things kicked off in South Africa.

Ok so they were far from fabulous in the group stages but they still managed to make it through as winners (which is more than can be said of England).

If they can get past Portugal and their playmaker, the beautifully creosoted Cristiano Ronaldo (who plys his trade in Spain at Real Madrid) then they’ll force their way back into the reckoning once more.

It’s simple really.

All they have to do is get their headband loving star striker Fernando Torres scoring goals again.

Mind you we know how hard that can be…

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29th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren