Gok’s Fashion Fix: New series, episode 3

Uh oh! Controversy strikes! This week the designer outfits beat the high street looks. But I can’t imagine they’ll reign supreme for long – affordability must win out!

This week’s episode saw a brilliant juxtaposition of looks – the softness of the Romantic Gypsy and English Riviera looks, with the harder edges of the Glam Warrior and Leather outfits. Is it wrong that I find this so exciting?!

But you don’t have to go full steam ahead with the looks to channel GFF style. I’ve found a few items on our site that will prove your fashion credentials without going the whole hog.

Glam Warrior

This look gives us all permission to carry on wearing black through Summer, and to keep on exaggerating our shoulders – which is great because it narrows your waist! Alternatively, you can add a hint of Glam Warrior to your wardrobe with some studded pieces.

English Riviera

I love a trend that puts a new spin on an old one – it’s much kinder on the wallet. For this look take your Nautical trend pieces but channel Torquay rather than the Med. It’s how everyone should style-out a British Summer; socks with sandals and knotted handkerchiefs do not apply.

Romantic Gypsy

This is girlie for grown-ups: floral dresses, ruffles and floaty fabrics teamed with over-the-knee socks and heels, tousled hair and heavy jewellery. Offsetting frills with big bangles and earrings gives a soft appearance with a surprise edge.


Leathers shorts are the most recent celeb-chic must-have. Everyone’s wearing them! But if the idea of leather shorts, trousers or dresses makes your nervous be assured that you’re not alone. Instead, every girl should invest in a few leather staples that will last for years: gorgeous shoes or boots, leather jacket and a classic roomy day bag.

9th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren