Gok’s Fashion Fix: New Series, Episode 5

Countless women have declared that they would love their wardrobes to get the Gok’s Fashion Fix treatment. This tells me that these ladies already know they are committing fashion crimes on a daily basis, they just don’t have the confidence to bin their style sins themselves!

Well unfortunately everyone is wonderfully different so we won’t even try to make a sweeping generalisation about what you should fill your wardrobe with, but we can give you some of our top tips to help you purge your wardrobe:

  1. Baggy clothes may hide your shape but they also make it look bigger. Embrace your shape with fitted clothes and you’ll look (and feel) slimmer.
  2. If something’s still got the label in after a few weeks return it. It’ll feel like free money.
  3. Don’t keep clothes that are too small for you. It’s depressing and you don’t deserve to feel like that.
  4. Don’t keep clothes that are too big for you. If you’re an adult and planning to ‘grow’ into it this isn’t usually a good thing!
  5. Yes trends are cyclical but only keep hold of quality pieces. Cheap buys aren’t worth holding onto and they hog valuable wardrobe space.
  6. If you just don’t look good in something there’s simply no point in keeping hold of it, regardless of its cost or the number of wears it’s had.

Anyhoo. Getting back to this week’s 4 runway looks and we were very pleased to see that the high street looks won out over Brix’s indulgent style (real diamonds! Omg!). It’s 3-2 so far with 2 episodes to go until the end of the series. Finger crossed!

Double Denim

Now don’t be scared but denim shorts are a great Summer buy. But they don’t have to be 80’s style bleached, frayed hot pants (unless you want them to be). Wear longer styles like these with everything you usually wear with jeans, easy!


We all forget less is more sometimes so this look is all about the main garment itself. Choose a stunning colour and a striking silhouette; just add plain jewellery and a great shoe.


Sequins, gems and beading are the perfect addition to an otherwise plain look, whether it’s for day or night. Invest in a stunning going out dress, or add some embellished accessories to your wardrobe to wear with more understated outfits.

Structural Tailoring

Soften the strong shapes of smart suits by choosing light materials (in weight and colour) and by adding subtle femininity with a pretty top worn under the jacket. It’s about looking in control without looking intimidating!

23rd June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren