Gok’s Fashion Fix: New series, Episode 6

 This week’s looks are THE must have vacation styles if you’re going anywhere hot this summer. And if you are, lucky you! Fingers crossed the rest of us don’t have to endure yet another summer washout. Although having said that, the recent hot weather has had me cowering in the shade. Ah to be so contrary.

 The perfect look for my delicate English rose skin then is….

 Poolside Glamour

If, like me you, like nothing better than lying by the pool but have skin that frazzles in minutes, a sophisticated cover-up is exactly what you need to protect your delicate dermis! Wafting around the terrace in heels and a kaftan you’ll look so celeb no one will notice the pink spot where you missed the SPF 50.

But while you’re busy pretending you’re on a millionaire’s yacht, don’t forget to lash on the cream!

Sultry Nights

And after a hard day in the sun you don’t want to spend hours getting ready. So soak yourself in aftersun, choose something cool and light and add some gorgeous jewellery, then you’re ready to sample the local nightlife.

Day Tripper

Every holiday should include at least one day of cultural self-development, even if you’d actually rather be making a start on the pina coladas than looking at ancient ruins. With this in mind, choose an outfit that’s fun, cool and comfy with a big bag to fill with suncream, bottled water and guide books.

Traveller Chic

But before you even get to these fun outfits, you’ve got to get their in the first place. Remember how cold you were on the plane last year, what with the freezing air con and you sunburn exuding burning heat? Indeed. So choose soft fabrics and pile on the layers. The more you wear the more space you’ll save in your suitcase!

Happy holidays all! x

30th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren