How to wear sequins during the day

Daytime sequins…. do you dare?

I like an outfit to have an unexpected element, something a little quirky, which is why I’m delighted to see sequins making an appearance during daylight hours. My current sequin crush is this gorgeous top from South.

Following a few simple rules will ensure you don’t look, or feel, like you’re doing ‘the walk of shame’.

1. Limited sequins to one item of clothing – making it the feature piece of the outfit.

2. Team with distressed denim or casual utility trousers – nothing too fitted, structured or revealing.

3. Keep accessories minimal, the simpler the better.

4. Wear your hair loose – in disheveled waves if you can or pull into a relaxed bun or ponytail. Don’t overdo it, just keep it simple and relaxed.

5. Team with muted and neutral colours, let the sequins shine!

Lastly, stand tall, pull your shoulders back and wear with confidence!

15th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren