Kelly Brook’s fabulous florals

Nobody does cute, feminine and yet natural just like Kelly Brook. Take one simple floral dress add Kelly, and the outfit looks fresh and fragrant.

Kelly’s long-term rugby star Danny Cipriani must be missing her because Kelly’s not been spotted out with him for ages.

Too busy working, the model and actress has just launched the cycling initiative Skyride, where London roads will be traffic free for one day in September to promote bike riding. Then she skipped on a flight to LA, where she’s about to start shooting a new horror movie called Hotel Caledonia.

Hotel Caledonia, also starring X-Files legend Gillian Anderson, is about guests’ and students’ experiences at an isolated hotel.

Kelly plays a student backpacker – not bad for a 30-year-old! No wonder she can get away with dating 23-year-old Danny Cipriani.

Waking up with Danny would bring a smile to our faces each morning, but as they haven’t been spotted out in ages then maybe the dresses are what keep her looking young. There’s nothing like a bit of colour to bring some life to your cheeks, even if you feel like crawling into a cave rather than parading through the parks this summer.

Very has a great selection of floral dresses to inject some cheer into your summer wardrobe.

Simiar to Kelly’s is this Love Label floral Molly dress, which is on sale at £28, down from £35.

Notice how you can wear a black vest underneath if you’re not as brave as Ms Brook.

An equally bright dress is this Love Label open back sundress, which also leaves you change from £30 at £29.

But the best value of all is this South floral print dress, only £18.50 down from £29.

It’s also ideal for anyone slightly concious of getting their arms out.

Kelly could pack one of these sundresses if she joins her man when he plays rugby in Melbourne next season, but when she is looking so fabulous without him it raises doubts over what the future holds.

Danny needs to start sending her flowers, if he wants to hang on to her!

2nd June 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin