Scoring For England

My First reaction on writing a blog on the World Cup was sheer horror-not remotely patriotic or a football fan -I was faced with a serious dilemma!

It will come as no surprise then that football was on my no go list when looking for a man, weirdly I slipped up with OH and his football passion never came up till I was too far gone to care. Thankfully it’s never come between us but it could have been a lot different!

If you are a woman like me with football phobia then here a few fun tips to picking up the signals on how serious a man is about his football.

The pub Fan-this bloke runs with the crowd, football is about socializing, the fact that he doesn’t mind sharing the screen with 100 others is usually a good sign as is if he takes his eyes of the screen to watch you walking by.

Verdict-A possibility but watch out for alcohol related problems.

Sofa Guy-Either already a family man or down on his luck and couldn’t afford tickets. Tread carefully he’s either married, agoraphobic or a serious supporter with no money. Hence he’s sat at home imagining he’s really there

Verdict-if you already have this guy then he’s a keeper-Otherwise it’s a pass.

Techno Fan-This guy is like sofa guy but more flash, nearly always single he wants to view the football in comfort, he may invite a few mates around …but not you love! He will be too busy showing off his widescreen whilst sharing his views on social networking sites via his England laptop and new phone.

Verdict-Selfish and materialistic .Stay out of his way.

English fan abroad-A combination of pub guy and sofa guy. This is either a young lad abroad with his mates or a family man who’s given up his chance to go to the game to spend abroad with his family. He then will spend his time sat by any screen he can find lapping up the beer and the football-Usually whilst his wife is entertaining the children somewhere.

Verdict –Dodgy. If he’s in a group and wants to chat, could be a good sign, if his phone is on silent then he falls into the married category-Stay clear.

Serious Guy-The most elusive of the bunch. Chances are you will never meet him anyway as he is always going to be at a match somewhere so unless you are a serious fan yourself and share a lingering glance as England scores it’s never likely going to happen.

Verdict-In my opinion a lucky escape

The Offsider-This guy may make vague references to the world cup but he’s as serious about football as he is about watching come dancing. He will be looking soulfully towards the window of any establishment whilst his friends roar with male gusto.

Verdict -this is the one!

Whatever your opinions about the world cup very has a vast range to cover it. Take a look.

8th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren