Sun, sea, sand and… epilators??

Now that summer is finally here no doubt there are lots of you looking forward to a holiday in the sun! I too can’t wait for my week in the sunshine, lazing on the beach with a cocktail in hand!

I always find getting ready for the holiday to be quite stressful though – there’s all the packing for starters and having to buy small bottles of shampoo, moisturisers etc to get them through the airport. But my main beauty concern will always be making sure that I’m beach ready before I go.

Now for us ladies, there can be a certain amount of pain involved because if you want to be fuzz free on the beach then you’re going to have to resort to hair removal, which can be quite painful! Shaving can be a pain when you’re on holiday, not least because you’ll have to locate some razors when you get there but luckily you can get an electric shaver like this Phillips one which would be a much easier option.

If you’re going away for a few weeks though, the last thing you want to be doing is shaving your legs before you go to the beach so you essentially have two options. You can have a wax before you go – but it can be expensive and yes, more than a little painful!

The second option is one that I wasn’t too familiar with until a few weeks ago when I finally gave in and bought an epilator. So what exactly is an epilator I hear you ask? Well, it’s essentially an electronic device that works by grasping hair and pulling them out – so in a way it’s similar to waxing, except that it’s much easier to use, and you can do it at home no problem and there’s no worrying about having to pull off painful wax strips!

Yes, it can be a little painful, nothing unbearable of course, but the great thing about epilators is that they remove the hair from the root, so like waxing you won’t get any regrowth for a couple of weeks – perfect for holidays then!

If you’re worried about the pain aspect then you can try this Phillips Satin Ice epilator, which comes with an ice cooler, which you put in the freezer to cool and soothe your skin afterwards. If you’re unsure – read the customer reviews, which I always do to see what people make of it. This one is definitely recommended!

I’d also recommend the Braun Wet and Dry epilator to those new to this epilator craze – this is the one I’ve got and it’s really good. You can use it in the shower and as a dry epilator so there’s a plus straight away as I find it quicker to use in the shower. There are also two speed settings so you can adjust it for sensitive areas which is another definite plus!

So, if you want be hair-free and have smooth legs, underarms and bikini line then check out the hair removal section here at for some great options you can use at home!

16th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mbbs 19 February 2015

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Posted by: Oseph 14 August 2014

I’ve stayed away from Titanium bc my patch test sliaicpest told me that a lot of the time, it has nickel in it. One example is when it’s used in dentists offices. He said that the dentists won’t necessarily know that it’s actually an alloy and has nickel as well. He told me to have the dentist call him first if I ever need braces or anything like that. The reason I’ve stayed away from the titanium razors and haven’t even given them a shot is bc of the moisturizing strip on the razor. Since I have no idea what that strip is made of and I’m allergic to so many body care products, I don’t even try it. The only razor I’ve seen without a strip is that super basic single blade bic razor. It’s been a couple years since I’ve tried using those and my legs have improved since then, so I haven’t gone back. I have plans to start writing all of the razor companies, though, because I feel like there’s a huge market out there for nickel free razors! There are nickel-free earrings all over the place for women, so why not razors?

Posted by: Lynn 12 August 2014

Glad I’ve finally found sohiemtng I agree with!