The Dhillon Diaries – I Heart Zandra

Hello everyone. I’ve been running around like mad in the Very office, sniffing round some REALLY exciting new products for autumn winter (have a look at our press day exclusive blog!) and following the busy Very London team round to all the amazing events. I met Twiggy last week, she was so lovely and gave me such a massive cuddle! I’m really excited to meet Fearne next week, she’s due into the office for a meeting about her next collection. I’ve promised everyone not to chew her ideas book again!

This week, on Monday, I went with the Very London team to meet British fashion legend Zandra Rhodes. Known for her mesmerizing shocking pink hair and equally loud and colourful clothes, Zandra has been a British fashion institution since the 60s and 70s. Her clothes are just as much a statement as they are well cut and amazing. I’d love to have a Zandra Rhodes basket to sleep in!

Zandra seemed to take a shine to me and asked for a picture, I couldn’t stop staring at all the colours, hence why I’m not looking into the camera. But she was very lovely! Here we are together.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a colourful outfit, here it is…

Until next time Very-ettes!

15th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren