The Drink Yourself to Health Challenge!

Want to know how buying one of these mega fridges can improve your health and save you cash? Then read on!

One of my friends told me that she has been taking part in a new fitness challenge advertised recently by a well known brand of mineral water.

The challenge basically entails drinking 1.5 litres of their water each day for a fortnight and seeing if your health improves.

Well as we all know water is essential for your health and not all of us drink enough as we should. I know I’m partial to drinking fizzy pops when I shouldn’t. Water would be so much healthier, its calorie and additive free so you can drink as much as you want, when you want and you know it’s never going to end up storing itself as excess fat on your hips!

My friend said she had lost 5lbs in the first few days and was feeling a lot more energetic. I was amazed so being a bit of a “Rainman”, I immediately started doing calculations on how much buying bottled water was costing her.

Buying a 1.5 litre bottle of this branded water from your average low cost super market would cost £8.40 for a fortnights supply which doesn’t sound so bad does it?

However keep up the challenge and this would add up to £219 a year for one person.

a family of three actually spending this amount each would be able to buy this amazing American size fridge/freezer which has a built in water filter, requires no plumbing meaning you can enjoy a glass of Brita filtered lovely chilled water whenever you want!!

As a mega large family of seven I would have to spend a whopping £1533 per year. Instead I could actually make a £435 saving by buying this super sleek American fridge freezer by LG which again requires no plumbing and not only supplies filtered ice water but also has a built in ice machine, cool or what!

Well that’s sold it for me- I’m definitely going to invest in one of these beauties! Not only do they look fantastic but they encourage your whole family into drinking lots of lovely fresh water, increasing the health benefits of everyone.

I’m so excited I will keep you updated on how we progress throughout the year.

So what do you think? – Have I tempted you into taking the plunge into following the drink yourself to health challenge too?

Let me know your progress by leaving your comments below

26th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren