Top Toys and Games for the Garden

Now that summer is here no doubt you’ll find yourself spending more and more time in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Kids of course can make their own entertainment, imagining up brilliant new worlds and such but sometimes they need a bit of a helping hand and what better way than with some top toys and games for the garden?

Ok, so England might be out of the World Cup but that doesn’t mean that your kids love football any less, so let them set up their own matches with their own goal in the back garden.

Energetic kids will love their own swingball set and with Wimbledon still on, let them get inspired and get rid of that excess energy with some swingball action that will keep them entertained for hours.

For cricket fans why not invest in a cricket set including bat, stumps, bases, ball and markers so you have everything you need to play some fun cricket matches this summer. This is a great option if you have a family barbeque and have quite a few kids, and of course the adults can get involved too!

If you’re not really in a serious sporting mood but want some fun activities for when you’ve got friends and family round why not try a giant inflatable bowling game? You can get everyone involved in this fun game. Or perhaps you want to stimulate the mind as well as the body? Well, try this garden chess set out for size which features large chess pieces and makes for a great sunny afternoon activity.

If you’re feeling the heat and want to cool down a bit then why not invest in an inflatable pool for the garden? Kids will have a great time splashing about in the water and you can use it too when you need to relax and cool off a bit. Check out the pools and waterplay section for some great options – from small pools and big family pools to spas and even a skim slide!

There are plenty of fun activities you can play in your garden this summer so why not make sure you’re prepared for some great weather and take a look today?

28th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren