WAGS to Wonderwomen

4 years ago England went out of the World Cup to Portugal on penalties. It wasn’t the first time, let’s hope it is the last. 2006 was different though because the players weren’t to blame for England coming home without the trophy that year, the WAGS were. That is what some said. How ridiculous!

So this time round Fabio Capello has discouraged players’ wives and girlfriends from spending the summer in South Africa. He doesn’t want the distraction that came with the WAG sideshow of Baden Baden. Except 2010 is different. Crucially WAGS are different…

Led by their Queen, Coleen, who has already accrued a personal fortune of £8 million, a new generation of WAGS are carving out a name for themselves irrespective of who they share a bed with. How very ‘new woman’.

So Fabio and co are welcome to the world cup without the WAGS. Not because they might steal the limelight a little but because they are simply too busy in any case doing their own thing.

Alex Curran (above) is just as likely to feature in Vogue as OK during the tournament and Abi Clancy has her hands full with James Corden on ITV.

 Should England come home early, which we obviously all hope they don’t, it certainly won’t be because of the WAGS!

Georgie Thompson is working with Gallo Rose to make football fabulous this summer

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18th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren