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Gossip’s front-lady Beth Ditto is often criticized for her fashion choices. She’s regularly seen splashed across the pages of the weekly celebrity magazines in the “What were they thinking?” sections, but we’re here to say…. Beth, we think you look utterly fabulous!
It’s perfectly acceptable for Lady Gaga to go out in a bin bag, or with a telephone strapped to her head, or even wearing a dress covered in Kermit the frogs, but when Beth chooses something slightly garish she is totally cut down. Well ladies, here at Very.co.uk we believe that Beth Ditto is definitely a GREAT ambassador for all plus size women – she flys the flag high and proud and is never frightened with trying new things.
If you learn one thing from Beth’s style, know that you can mix up colours and prints and actually go colourful. Don’t always rely on the safe black options. Take a look at Beth and then our top picks from our plus size range!
Beth Ditto and the Gossip Live - Paris
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Our picks!
So Fabulous!, £35
so fabulous £20
So Fabulous!, £20
So Fabulous!, £35
7th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren