What Will Florence wear-Isle of Wight Festival 2010

Festival season has started with a vengeance this year and we have had some amazing top name acts already. The Isle of Wight festival  2010 is promising some big names this year – Jay-Z will be sure to draw the crowds as will all time legends such as Blondie and Paul McCartney.

Pink is sure to wow us as always with her tough girl image but another act has caught my eye this year- Florence + the Machine.

Weird and wonderful in a way even Lady Gaga can’t touch-I admire Florence’s unique style on stage and off!

It’s no surprise that she has been greatly compared to Kate bush but I have to say she reminds me of someone else-is it just me or does she bear an uncanny resemblance to Vince Noir – alter ego of Noel Fielding – From the cult series The Mighty Boosh. Looking at these pictures it’s hard to tell who’s who!

Thankfully she looks a lot less Vince off the stage.

Seriously though she never fails to please on stage or off and everyone is sure to be talking about what she is wearing this year.

Floaty  dresses and vintage inspired pieces are such an important part of her look and a huge style trend this season so I have put together a little set for you featuring some of her favourite on-stage looks and my own Florence inspired pieces from Very’s women’s wear collection.

Don’t be shy either to experiment with your Make-up we have an amazing range of cosmetics & the new range of false eyelashes by Eyelure is a great way to add maximum impact.

So what do you think Florence will wear? Leave your comments below.

6th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Caroline Grundy 7 July 2010

I think Florence is going to wear something in the fringe trend. I think she performed at T4 on the beach wearing a black fringed mini dress and looked amazing! I think fringe is set to be a big trend still this summer.

Posted by: Island Eye 30 June 2010

I am waiting for festival impatiently…

Posted by: Rose 8 June 2010

Yeah, she does look a lot like Noel! Thank God he’s a good looking guy though, so the comparisons can’t be taken as an insult!