World Cup Countries go head-to-head in Fashion Face-Off!!

It’s that time again where almost everyone in the UK will be glued to their screens watching as England battle it out with the world’s top teams in the World Cup and it seems that everyone is getting in on the football action.

Luckily, there are ways of getting involved in the World Cup without being a massive football fan – and here at we’re celebrating the fashion of the World Cup countries!

We’ve picked out a style to represent each country and found clothes and accessories to show off that country’s fashion. We’re going to pit the World Cup contenders against each other in the style stakes, and it’s down to all you fashion fans to vote on your favourite style.

Each World Cup match will be represented in the fashion face-off with the winning countries going through to the quarter and then semi-finals until one country is crowned the best dressed!

The first face-off in the World Cup is of course England v the USA to coincide with England’s first match on Saturday so what kind of styles are we looking at?

Well, the England ‘cool Britannia’ look is casual and chic with a festival feel and a bit of retro styling and accessories thrown in as well, as more than a hint of the union jack, with blues, reds and white featuring heavily. The England look is heavily influenced by the festival chic of the likes of Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe, who know how to work the casual look.

The USA look is ‘college girl’ which adds a preppy feel to the overall theme. Anyone who’s seen a movie with American teenagers will know the look – cute checked shorts, little American style sports vests, faded denim and a sporty feel with canvas shoes. The USA look is a little more relaxed than the UK one but it’s cute and girly too and it’s exactly what I imagine people in the USA to be wearing on a hot summer day.

There are loads more exciting styles coming up for the rest of the competing countries and this is definitely one World Cup feature that you’ll want to keep an eye on. Vote for your favourite country and make sure they get through to the next round!

11th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: kleider 12 June 2010

In my opinion the style of Daisy Lowe is just great she is an awesome girl with a lot of knowledge about fashion. I think the future for her will be really bright and great. She is the best It-Girl at the moment.