World Cup Fashion Face-Off: It’s Not All Over for England

Well as you all know we’re out of the World Cup after a, dare we say it, rather dire performance on Sunday. But it’s not all over in the fashion stakes as England is currently battling it out against World Cup hosts South Africa in the World Cup fashion face-off, so get behind your favourite look and vote now.

Yes, we’ve moved onto the quarter finals now folks and if you’ve been following the fashion face-off here at then you’ll know all about the two looks that are currently going head to head to be the most stylish.

If you’ve been distracted by the on pitch drama and are only just joining us for our quarter finals then you can check out our World Cup fashion face-off today. This week it’s England’s ‘Cool Britannia’ look vs. South Africa’s ‘Sophisticated Safari’.

It’s going to be a tough one fashion fans! If you’re a fan of the whole Glastonbury look and Kate Moss rocking a denim shorts and wellies combination then you’ll love the England look which is abound with festival chic items like a summer parka, wellies and retro sunnies.

On the other hand we have World Cup hosts South Africa who are represented by some fab safari fashion like a suedette dress, beads and tailored shorts and if you’re a fan of maxi dresses or animal print then this will be one look you’ll be rooting for!

So, while our boys may be on the way back to England with their tails between their legs you can still get behind England in the fashion stakes and vote today in the fashion face-off!

29th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren